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Natalie and Brian Burgess hold daughter, Isabella Grace.

Motherhood after colon cancer

As a bride-to-be in the prime of life, Natalie Schiavone was stunned by her diagnosis of colon cancer. Even harder to hear was that her treatment, especially chemotherapy, could harm her ability to have children. Working with her UC Irvine Health physicians, she not only defeated the cancer, she also gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

UC Irvine patient Tom Tiffany with motorcycle

Still standing on two feet

Tom Tiffany is able to ride motorbikes, hike and camp on both feet thanks to cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Roy Fujitani, who removed severe clots in Tom's leg and groin arteries.

UC Irvine patient Rey Buack was back on the golf course within of month of surgery to repair a ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Back in the swing

Rey Buack, a start-up company executive from Yorba Linda, was back on the golf course within of month of having his ruptured aortic aneurysm repaired by UC Irvine endovascular surgeon Dr. John S. Lane.

UC Irvine surgeons in operating room

Reducing obesity

UC Irvine surgeon Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen says two studies demonstrate that both gastric bypass and gastric banding surgeries are safe, but the bypass results in greater weight loss.

Doctors moving patient from helicopter

Still doing its Level I best

UCI trauma center, recently re-verified as meeting the nation's highest standards, plays critical role in O.C.