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The UC Irvine Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery clerkship program provides an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of disorders that affect the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulatory systems.

Third-year medical students are given opportunity to rotate with UC Irvine Healthcare’s vascular and endovascular surgery services team as part of their core general surgery curriculum. Fourth-year medical students may elect to participate in a intensive month-long experience during which they learn the fundamentals of vascular disease diagnosis and treatment from our vascular/endovascular faculty and senior surgical residents. Faculty instructors provide clinical care covering the entire spectrum of the subspecialty. Students also work closely with faculty members and residents on the inpatient wards, operating rooms, catheter labs and outpatient clinics.

In addition to the teaching provided at the bedside, operating room and clinics, the division offers many educational opportunities, including grand rounds, vascular/endovascular ward rounds, didactic sessions and clinical specialty conferences. This comprehensive educational experience exposes students to patients with many different types of vascular conditions, both in a hospital setting and in the clinics. By the end of this rotation, students should be highly skilled in diagnosis and treatment of the various vascular disorders and know how to complete a comprehensive vascular examination.

Extramural Students

Extramural students from other accredited medical schools are invited to electively rotate in an intensive month-long experience with UC Irvine’s vascular and endovascular surgery services team. Extramural students must successfully complete their core general surgery rotations at their home institution before applying for this rotation. UC Irvine participates in the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Therefore, any student enrolled at a U.S. Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) medical school will use VSAS to apply.