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About the Division of Transplantation

Welcome to the UC Irvine Health School of Medicine's Division of Transplantation. Our transplant program has been a part of the Department of Surgery for more than 30 years, and this exciting area of medicine is growing rapidly.

We have the only simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant program in Orange County, and we are actively engaged in new clinical trials and research to help prevent organ rejection. Our patients benefit from the most advanced protocols for the prevention and treatment of transplant-associated complications.

We aim to provide outstanding healthcare to transplant patients while simultaneously training the next generation of physicians in advanced transplantation techniques. Our ABO-positive and crossmatch protocols help patients receive kidney transplants that may otherwise not be successful. As a result, more of our patients can receive transplants, which dramatically improves their quality of life.

Although there has been tremendous progress in the past decade, considerable work remains to be done in order to fully treat and cure patients who require transplantation services. The Division of Transplantation is committed to providing high quality care for anyone whose life is touched by the need for a kidney or pancreas transplant.

We look forward at being a part of the future of transplant in both research and improved quality of life for all of our patients.